AG donates law books to Belmopan police

And in more Belmopan police news,  Attorney General of Belize Honorable Michael Peyrefitte donated some law books to the Belmopan police today.  The 15 Volumes of the Laws of Belize as updated in 2011 was handed over to OC Spt Howell Gillett today

Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General

We want our police men to be familiar with the laws, especially when it comes to criminal offense,s and when it comes to laying of the charges. But in addition to that, just for general edification, it is good for everybody to have access to the laws of Belize , and especially the police so they can learn what to do and what not to do in the circumstances when they are doing their job.

OC Spt Howell Gillett

This donation will improve immediately the prosecution section officers. They will now have a reference print of where to go when preparing charges and this will cut delays in the court as officers will have the correct charges presented to the court and there will be no time when the magistrate or court has to send back officers to prepare charges. This, we believe, will improve the confidence of the citizenry we work for on a daily basis.

The donation is valued at over $5,000

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