Ageing with Grace and Enthusiasm

Aging with Grace and Enthusiasm is a fairly new organization established in October of last year. The organization deals with “shut ins” or elderly people in the Belmopan area who are unable to leave their homes due to complications associated with ageing.

You have probably heard of HelpAge Belmopan, which has a center where the elderly go to participate in various programmes, but Ageing with Grace and Enthusiasm addresses the needs of those elderly who are unable to regularly get up and leave their homes.

Irene Tuyud is the President of Ageing with Grace and Enthusiasm, and she says after looking at various organizations which assist the elderly, they realized there is a need for the type of visitation that Ageing with Grace and Enthusiasm offers.


vlcsnap-2015-02-24-11h21m41s188vlcsnap-2015-02-24-10h57m18s139Irene Tuyud – President of Ageing with Grace and Enthusiasm

“We help them doing their groceries.  We help them in the home, probably doing a little cleaning for them, because when you get in that age it’s hard for you to move around the home.  So that is what we do right now.   

On Sunday we had the first social event, with all the twenty-five volunteers and the seniors, [and] we had different speakers.”


Irene Tuyud says it was the first social for Aging with Grace but they plan to do one every two months. She told us more.


vlcsnap-2015-02-24-11h13m21s54Irene Tuyud

“This was the first social, and we’re planning to have it every two months.  Yesterday we created a buddy system with the volunteers.  So there’s two volunteers that have partnered up to visit each senior at their homes.  We believe we need to go to them, instead of them coming to us.

We also have a doctor as a volunteer, who has offered his time, and he’s going to be seeing them weekly, and checking them up.  So he’s keeping a file for them.

Everything is free. We offer our time, and anything that we give them it’s free.

We also have partnered up with the Dorcas Group in Belmopan, which is a widows outreach program.  Every two weeks they give out groceries, and they do some gardening sometimes, which some of our members that are interested, they can join their group as well.”


All current volunteers of the organization were trained by the National Council on Ageing.  As mentioned, Ageing with Grace and Enthusiasm is a new initiative and volunteers are always needed.  Again the number to call to either volunteer or suggest a person for visitation by Ageing with Grace and Enthusiasm is 601-3257.

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