Aggravated Burglary in Camalote area

There are reports of a home invasion, legally known as “aggravated burglary”, which happened early Monday morning in the Camalote/Roaring Creek Area. We don’t have the details at this time, but neither do the police, who says the victims are too traumatized to give a clear account of what transpired.

Insp. Stephanie Grinage, Assistant Officer Commanding Belmopan Formation: The details of that aggravated burglary, there is one but the details are sketchy at this time as the persons that were involved are basically traumatized and we need to get more information of what exactly transpired in regards to that aggravated burglary. We have our officers working presently, the CIB working presently on that recent event.   vlcsnap-2016-04-12-10h51m51s739

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