AGUSM considering filing suit against Fawda Henry

agu-web-logoToday we got a response from Philip ‘Fawda” Henry on the accusations of president of American Global University School of Medicine Dr. Malik Soudah that he was paid to instigate a smear campaign against the school a few weeks ago. Henry made reference to the recent press conference called by Dr. Soudah and his associates, insisting that there were still questions unanswered.

Philip ‘Fawda” Henry – Community Activist:
vlcsnap-2013-05-10-18h26m30s118He state that he got a charter in 2000. He not even know what he was saying, he said 2006.  I could remember the Minister calls in PLUS and says he have a charter in 2005 or 2004.  So it seems so complicated.  He said that the guy was going to the airport to pick up someone.  Let me tell you something. When that guy sees me, he wasn’t going to the airport, he was running up the Airport Road.  He catch a taxi van and it was heading out to the city. Don’t come to my country and say what you want.  This is me. OK? And you’ll hear more from me.

Henry also continues to insist that the school has done nothing for Belize.

Philip ‘Fawda” Henry – Community Activist:
vlcsnap-2013-05-10-18h31m09s83Let me tell you this. I don’t know what pat of the world this guy was, because from the first get-go the media was asking me, “Mr Henry you’re doing a protesting.”  I always do a one-man protest, but when I siezed that, this thing is out of order.  There was a guy running.  The school is in Ladyville with no students.  I have  the right to stand up for my country. No leaders will stand up for my country.  They will not do so.  They would see our Belizean people get hurt.  So what I do, I stepped up to the plate and have a one-man protest, and after that I follow with a huge press conference and had people there from the Ladyville community who wants to see students in the school. So he is talking about, OK, I am talking bull crap.  But there wasn’t any student there. What I want to say to Mr Soudah, you’re not carrying a Belizean passport.  I wants to see what you’re doing for the country.  State what you can do for this country, like the other medical schools what they’re doing for the people of this country.  Leave a bus station for people to catch bus from.  The American Global haven’t done anything for Belize.  What they have done for Belize? He haven’t speak on that.

The school says it is considering filing suit against persons including Henry for defamation of character.

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