Akeem Humes beats yet another murder rap

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26 year old Akeem Humes is free tonight after the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions elected not to continue a murder case against him. Humes, who was accused of killing neighbour Orlando Williams, 45, on New Years’ night 2013, had a motion for nolle prosequi entered in his favour by Crown prosecutor Shanice Lovell. This typically means that for reasons disclosed or not, the Crown does not wish to proceed with a case at this time, but it can be brought back at any time. In this case, the Crown has its evidence, but there are questions, according to Lovell’s statement to Justice Adolph Lucas, about the level of cooperation from the main witness who is allegedly refusing to testify. Also, according to Humes’ attorney Anthony Sylvestre, the witness had told Ombudsman Lionel Arzu that he was forced to pick out Humes in a group identification by police, and that out of fear he made the choice. At case management stage, according to Sylvestre, no less than four statements were disclosed from the main witness, telling wildly different tales. From outright refusal to speak at first, the witness evolved to saying that everything he saw happened too fast to make a positive statement about identification – but he was then able, allegedly with the police’s help, to pick out the well-known Akeem Humes as the shooter. Humes was previously charged jointly with Ryan Alvarez of Supal Street for the murder of Jason Michael Flores who was fatally shot on Kraal Road as he headed to work on December 9, 2009. That too ended in a nolle prosequi before the then-Chief Magistrate, Margaret Gabb McKenzie. While Humes is free tonight, Ryan Alvarez is on remand for another murder, that of Albert Alexander Robinson which occurred in 2015.  He was committed to stand trial a week ago.vlcsnap-2016-05-16-14h54m11s804

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