Akil Samer Rada claims he is innocent of drug trafficking

vlcsnap-2013-08-07-07h49m25s148Two weeks ago, authorities in El Salvador discovered a container that was carrying close to 1,000 pounds of cocaine hidden in buckets of frozen pineapple juice and was headed for Belize. New information tells us the container that was found was linked to a company in the Corozal Commercial Free Zone. According to other media sources, a second container of this sort was destined for the same place. However, this container was checked and cleared by custom officers in El Salvador. The Container came into Belize and into the Free Zone where a red flag was raised by custom officers. The container was investigated by the customs and the police k-9 unit but the contents revealed nothing but pineapple juice. Nevertheless, samples of the pineapple were sent to the CBPL for testing. Reports say that authorities also investigated the business owner’s two establishments and the warehouse but nothing convicting was found. The business owner, Akil Samer Rada, is a past member of the board of directors of the Zone and is said to reside in Chetumal Quintana Roo, Mexico. Since the drug bust in El Salvador that happened last two weeks, it has been reported that Rada has disappeared. However, according to Corozal Daily,  Rada recently gave an interview declaring his innocence to a Mexican reporter from Informativo Quintana Roo, MX.

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