Alberto Vargas shot and killed

A 21 year old was shot to death while sitting in a vehicle in front of a food stall on the Belize Corozal Road. Reports are that 21 year old Alberto Vargas Jr. was seated in the front passenger seat of a dark green Ford Escape vehicle, driven at the time by Jose Medina , who had recently picked up a male passenger before he stopped to purchase food. The male passenger, who sat directly behind Vargas, reportedly got into an argument with Vargas inside the vehicle while Medina was purchasing his food. Medina told police that he heard the argument, then he heard several shots fired. Upon returning to the vehicle, Medina observed Vargas leaning over and bleeding profusely from 2 gunshot wounds to the neck. As a result, Vargas was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital where he died shortly after. Police are investigating.

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