Alex X’s death still not ruled a murder

San Ignacio Police are still baffled over the identity of a person only known as Alex, who was found clinging to life inside a house on Coyoc street, San Ignacio, at around 4:00 am on Sunday December 7th.

On Tuesday Plus News spoke to 22 year old Dennis Guzman who told us that he had known Alex for only a month and a half and had allowed Alex to lodge with him temporarily, but he did not know much about the man, not even his last name.

Alex had reportedly told Mr Guzman that he had relatives in Belmopan, but all efforts on the part of police to locate his said relatives have been fruitless.

Police also made contact with the Salvadoran Embassy, since he claimed to be Salvadoran, but without a last name or any documents to assert his identity, authorities are having a hard time.

As for circumstances surrounding his death, the theory was that in his drunkenness, Alex X fell from a chair and hit his head on a cement block inside the house which caused him to go into a semi-coma. No signs of foul play inside the house had been seen, but on Wednesday, the postmortem examination conducted on Alex’s body certified the cause of death as “Subarachnoid hemorrhage due to multiple traumatic blunt instrument.”

However police are still not ruling out any possibilities.


vlcsnap-2014-12-12-05h38m03s7Dinsdale Thompson – Officer Commanding San Ignacio Police Station

“The individual, who was along with him, said that he saw him when he went inside of his home.  Then from there, he woke up in the morning, and found that Alex was inside of his bed, bleeding from a wound on his head, but still alive. 

We’re following up that, whether or not it is caused by someone, or Alex indeed had fell, which is certification showing that he had fell and hit his head upon a stone., because of being under the influence of alcohol.

Nothing as yet has been fully determoned, have fully concluded on that.  We’re still looking on that from every angle, what could have been the cause that caused him to die.”


Police investigations continue.

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