All Belizeans Welcomed to go to Sartsoon

As you heard earlier in our news cast, Lisa Shoman has intentions of going on board the trip to the Sarstoon Island on Sunday August 16th. We asked Wil if having a former Foreign Minister and a current Senator, boosts their spirits and gives them an added sense of security moving forward with this high stake visit to the iconic island. Here is what he told us.

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“I’ve been getting calls and texts and Facebook messages all day. Every Belizean that has expressed interest in going has boosted my spirit. Yes of course we are very happy that Es Foreign  Minister is going. I would be even happier if the present Foreign Minister would be  going because he has obviously not been in that area or has visited that island. I think as a Foreign Minister he should visit the island -this is a perfect opportunity for him to come along. we welcome all Belizeans, not only UDP , not only PUP not only PNP and VIP. We welcome all Belizeans. This is not a political thing, this is a Belizean thing.”

Wil Maheia anticipates at least ten boats to leave the dock from Baranco at 9 am on Sunday enroute to the iconic Sarstoon Island.


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