Allegation of Higher Heads’s Interference in Police Investigation

Belize police logoPlusTV has been reliably informed that this morning, sometime between the hours of 6:30-7:30, a group of police officers conducted a search on a premise on Rio Bravo Crescent.  There, they discovered an unlicensed firearm on the property.  We were told that a charge sheet was written up to for the owner of the home who holds a senior position at the GST office, but that higher heads within the department stepped in to call off the charges.

vlcsnap-2013-12-23-13h48m49s202A serious allegation, especially considering the severity of weapon offenses.  This afternoon, PlusNews contacted the Acting Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura who informed us that he was briefed on the ongoing investigation of the said discovery.

He said though that the reason the resident has not been charged is not due to interference, but because Police are still conducting their investigation into the discovery. He says that one angle being looked at is the location where the gun was found, which suggests that it may be have been planted there. Civil servamts building BelmopanThere are two types of possession he explained, actual possession, which is when an article is found on the person and constructive possession, when said article is found on the premises.  Segura continued, saying that Police investigation has revealed that the male in question is a license firearm holder and so they are considering this piece of information as well.  But what we found out when we ran the man’s name in our database is that he has a track record of firearm related offenses, as he has been charged for several shooting incidents, where persons were injured.  These incidents date back to as early as 2004 to this year.  We withhold from releasing the name of the individual, as he has not been charged for a criminal offense.

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