Alleged gang members appear in court







26 year-old Kareem “Robbery” Lopez, a reputed member of the George Street Gang, was deported from the US for illegal entry. Once in Belize, Lopez needed to report to police as a deportee. On Tuesday, the GSU detained Lopez after he repeatedly failed to report to police and he was subsequently charged with failure to report to police, and failing to notify the Commissioner of Police of a change of residence. He was arraigned in court yesterday and offered bail of $3,000, which he met. He is due back in court on August 15.  27 year-old Brandon “BT” Tillett is another deportee who was arrested. Tillet was deported earlier this year from the US for illegal entry, and like Lopez, didn’t report to police and notify them when he changed his residence. He is also believed to be a member of the George Street Gang. Another deported gang leader was picked up by GSU. He is 36 year-old Roger Anthony.  Anthony is said to be the leader of the Ghost Town Crips Gang. According to the GSU,  Anthony was found associating with 8 reputed members of the Ghost Town Crips. This act is in direct contravention of the orders of his deportation from the US for illegal entry. In February of this year, Anthony had been arrested and charged for professing to be the leader of Ghost Town Crips Gang and Display of support to a Criminal gang in Public. He had pleaded guilty to both offences.

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