Alleged gunman in the murder of Southside leader acquitted

vlcsnap-2013-02-15-19h41m17s193The alleged gunman in the 2010 murder of Southside leader Andre Trapp walks free. Nicoli Rhys, accused of pulling the trigger that took the life of the notorious gang leader, was acquitted of murder today in the Supreme Court. From the start of the trial, which began on February 1st, there has been some ruckus surrounding a verbal caution statement allegedly given by the accused, that statement was thrown out of the trial. Trapp was gunned down in the Magistrate’s Court parking lot shortly after appearing in court on drug trafficking charges. Trapp, after being shot, attempted to run to safety, but he collapsed near the Brodies Pharmacy. With the courthouse being a heavily vlcsnap-2013-02-15-19h45m04s147guarded area, Police were alerted by the gunshots; one cop said he say Nicoli Rhys run out of the vehicle that the shots reportedly came from. That cop however, did not participate in an identification parade, as there was none conducted. The prosecution was unable to prove its case and Rhys was set free. Rhys was represented by Attorney Simeon Sampson.

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