Alleged Jealousy of Violent Woman Proved Murderous

vlcsnap-2013-11-29-14h01m32s6Universal Justice LogoA quote from B.C. Forbes goes, “Jealousy…is a mental cancer.”  In August of 2012, this cancer proved murderous.  Last year an alleged jealous and outraged estrange common-law wife who was no longer in a relationship with her baby’s biological father was accused of running over her ex-boyfriend with a vehicle while he was on a motorcycle with his then current girlfriend.  27 year old, Ms.  Calaney Flowers, the woman in question, managed to kill her ex boy friend, Mr. Lyndon Morrison, and narrowly missed killing Morrison’s then current girlfriend Ms. Sochyl Sosa.  On Thursday morning, Flower’s preliminary inquiry concluded in the Magistrate’s Court room.  She appeared today unrepresented by her attorney Richard “Dickie” Bradley.  At the inquiry it was reported at the time Morrison’s untimely death, he and Flowers were involved in an argument about Morrison visiting their child.  Nevertheless, it was Ms. Sochyl Sosa’s witness report, among others that led Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith to commit her to stand for trial of murder and attempted murder at the Supreme Court on April 7th 2014.

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