An alleged home invader died outside the Southern Regional Hospital after he was beaten by Villagers in Silk Grass Village, Stann Creek 30-year-old Salvadoran National Renee Godoy allegedly tried to break into a home in Silk Grass Village sometime around 1 a.m this morning when villagers
caught him and took justice into their own hands. 

ASP Joseph Myvette: On Thursday June 21st shortly after 1am, police were called to Silk Grass Village to deal with a report. Upon the police’s arrival, they were reported to that a male person was in the village and has chopped several persons and was still around the village. Police conducted searches in the village where this person was located on the balcony of a second floor building where in the process of persuading him to come down, stones and bottles were thrown at the police and villagers. He was eventually brought down and subdued and in the process he received some facial injuries and was transported to the Southern Regional Hospital where the other two person who had received chopped wounds were attended to. Some one hour and a half later, he succumbed to his injuries whilst inside the compound of the Southern Regional Hospital. His name was later learnt to be Rene Godoy, 30 years Salvadoran construction worker of Silk Grass Village.

Myvette told us what led villagers to reacting against Godoy in such manner. 

ASP Joseph Myvette: The report the police received was that he had entered a home shortly around 1am and he appeared to have been under the influence of alcohol where one person was assaulted with a machete and he attempted to sexually assault a female. In the process of her calling for assistance, a male person, who is her step father, responded and he received chop wounds and one of his fingers were severed from his right hand in the process. The other person that was chopped, received chop wounds to the head, his neck, and his back. He too was transported to the Southern Regional Hospital. At this point in time I do not know if he knew the people or if it was just random.

Reporter: So then after this a mob or so chased him and he ended up on the second floor?

ASP Joseph Myvette: Yes the villagers were trying to get him down along with the two officers who initially responded to the scene.

Police are still awaiting a post-mortem to determine if he died from injuries sustained or some other cause.

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