Alliance of Leaders and Ministers Give GOB Deadline to Retract the Gender Policy

vlcsnap-2014-05-06-21h30m18s13Another Christian organization is not as soft spoken in its rejection of the Revised National Gender Policy 2013 is the Alliance of Leaders and Ministers of Belize.

The group formed by Patrick Menzies and currently led by President Alejandro Grande is a Belizean organization of Leaders and Ministers from diverse denominations, cultures, social groups and NGO’s, who are committed to educating the Belizean Populace on matters pertaining to Human  Development and Social Reformation and desiring to cultivate and promote the Sovereignty and Supremacy of God in our country and to confront systems of oppression, injustice and exploitation“.

The group has been responsible for several activities including marches, texts and emails to government, signature gathering, prayer vigils, and even a controversial school boycott.

We asked Founder Patrick Menzies by phone today, why have we not heard from the group lately until now.

In an explosive press release issued yesterday the Alliance says that government seems determined to implement the Revised Gender Policy 2013, including the sections that encourage violence and disrespect against both males and females in promoting abortion, prostitution and same sex relationships.”  

These concepts, the Alliance states, violate the Laws of Belize including the Supreme law – the Constitution; which affirm the Supremacy of God. The Release states the the Alliance warns the government once again in the strongest terms possible, that we will not stand idly by allowing them to implement the Policy and the destructive laws that it will force the government to implement. Through this medium we give the Government of Belize a deadline of 30 days (May 31st 2014) to completely retract the Gender Policy and all destructive laws associated with it”. 

The Alliance of leaders is also pushing for a Declaration that GENDER EQUALS – Male and Female ONLY (As cited in Chapter 36 of the Laws of Belize, Section 25);  An end to VICTIMIZATION in Belize by Gov’t & Private Sector and the Guarding of the Preamble of the Constitution – as is!  Unless, they say, it is changed by a National Referendum

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