Alvorine Burgess and Milton Palacio busted with contraband goods

Alvorine Burgess and Milton Palacio were caught with a vehicle full of contraband items in the south. The incident involved a police chase. On Saturday, January 13th , Police conducted a check point in Pomona village where they encountered a silver Kia Sorento.  Police say that when the driver of the vehicle saw the checkpoint, he pressed the accelerator and sped through the checkpoint.  Police set chase through Hope Creek Village where they finally intercepted the SUV without identification plates.  In the vehicle were 50 year old Alvorine Georgia Burgess, Belizean business woman of Mango Creek, and 41 year old Milton Palacio, Belizean Business man also of Mango Creek.   A search was conducted on the vehicle which resulted in the discovery of  77 cartons of different brands of contraband cigarettes,  cases of Corona beers, bottles of  Colas,  liquors, and several packs of chips.  Both persons were escorted to Dangriga Police Station and handed over to Customs Department. Alvorine Burgess gained national attention when she testified in the Senate Select Committee that she and Minister Edmond Castro were in business together in a visa hustle.

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