Alwin Gabb Sentenced to Life Imprisonment

vlcsnap-2013-12-04-07h37m40s22442 year old Alwin Gabb, convicted of the 2007 murder of Nolan Arana was today sentenced to life imprisonment. On  July 6, 2007 , Mr. Gabb was accused of murdering Arana, a friend of his ex common law wife.  The reports had it that Gabb allegedly stabbed Arana multiple 7 times in the chest and back on July 1st, 2007 through an alley on Neal’s Pen Road.

Gabb was represented at court by attorney Carlo Mason.  The prosecutor in this case was Mr. Leeroy Banner, assisted by Mr. Kileru Awich.  Prosecutor Banner brought 5 witnesses to testify against Mr. Gabb, among them was Gabb’s ex common law wife Michelle Lennon.  Lennon, Banner’s Main eyewitness told the court that she and Gabb had been separated for two months prior to the murder.  According to Lennon, on the night that Arana was stabbed, she was on her porch and was handing over a plate of food to Arana.   As Mr. Gabb saw this, approached Mr. Arana and said “Dah because ah you mek meh gial deh disrespect meh.” Gabb reportedly stabbed Arana multiple times in the chest and back.  Michelle Lennon also told the court that Gabb had told her that one day, he will either kill her or kill someone for her.  In his defense,  Mr. Gabb claimed that he was not at the said location when the incident happened but was at his house.   But the jurors did not believe his story.  Within minutes of being found guilty, Mr. Alwin Gabb was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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