Ambassador Leslie leaves Referendum campaign

Ambassador Stewart Leslie is the coordinator of the International Boundaries Unit which is in charge of the public education campaign on the Belize /Guatemala to ICJ effort being pushed by GOB.  Referendum on the issue is upcoming in Guatemala  on April 15th of this year and for Belize perhaps later this year. Ambassador Leslie is, however, not going to continue in his capacity as it relates to the referendum. Yesterday, Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington told the media of his discussion with Leslie on his decision to leave.

As Stewart had come to me maybe 3 weeks to a month ago and said to me that he was being pressured actually by people in his own party to assist were disengage they were people in this party who felt that he was not conveying the best message to be seen to be so closely associated with us and also simultaneously to be so closely associated with the minister or with the leader of the opposition so he had to make a decision as to what he would do whether he would stay with us or go  with the leader of the opposition u know see what is first and for most A general of the Peoples United Party we knew that all the time but the Prime minister and myself have very great regards for him and his competence and his ability and because we saw it as a national issue we had no difficulty with him working as a matter of fact we are very pleased to have him work with us on the matter but he got pressured from his own party people so there’s nothing we could do about it.

Minister Elrington says that Leslie’s departure will not slow down the campaign in any way as he will be replaced and others added to see the process through.

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