American Belizean suing for False Imprisonment

An American Belizean who resides in Tower Hill, Orange Walk is suing the Attorney General of Belize, the Immigration Department; Edgar Cano; Senior Immigration Officer, and the Belize Police Department. 63 year old Norman Kaufman filed the suit on Wednesday , July 27th, claiming false imprisonment. According to the statement of claim, Kaufman relocated to Belize in 1991 and became a naturalized Belizean in 2001. However, on Thursday December 14th , 2017, cops showed up at his house where Kaufman lives on the top floor, while renting out the bottom floor. The tenants from downstairs informed Kaufman that police wanted to speak with him. The cops asked Kaufman for his Belizean passport, which he provided, but police allegedly told Kaufman that it was suspected that he had obtained the passport fraudulently. Kaufman claims he was detained over the weekend and he claims he was denied the right to call his attorney and was told he was being investigated by the Department of Immigration.. Kaufman indicates that when he was released on Monday, he was not taken to court but was instead taken to his home where a search was conducted and the Immigration Officer told him that he would be charged with “harboring an illegal immigrant” because his tenant’s wife was in Belize illegally; which has nothing to do with why he was detained for the weekend, says Kaufman. The claim paper states, “Due to the highhanded actions of the 3rd defendant (Cano) and police officers working with him, the Claimant was deprived of his liberty without justification and the 3rd Defendant’s action to pursue the charge was actuated by malice and deceit and constitutes an oppressive act.”

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