American boy attacked by wild cat at Belize Zoo







This Morning a US news article spoke of a ten year old American boy who was attacked by a wild cat while on vacation in Belize. According to the article, the young boy, along with his parents, visited the Belize Zoo, which is where the incident occurred. He reached out over the fence of an ocelot, known locally as a “tiger-cat”. The child was trying to touch the animal’s fur when it turned around and clamped its jaws on the little boy’s fingers and, as the article stated, would not let go until pried away. Today we contacted the Belize Zoo and while we could not reach the person in charge, we spoke to one of their employees who confirmed that “something like that did happen”. He told us, however, that ocelots are caged in electric fences, as are all their animals, and are not allowed any interactions with the public. The little boy, he said, petted the animal on his own accord, contrary to the rules of the zoo. Meanwhile, the child has told US media that he is trying to raise monies to assist the Belize Zoo to make it safer for children.  

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