American Diplomat Reaffirms U.S. Commitment to Belize

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Francisco Palmieri is on a two-day visit to Belize to meet with his local counterparts in various sectors ranging from Government to civil society. He describes his visit thus far.

vlcsnap-2014-04-04-21h38m12s0H.E. Francisco Palmieri- Deputy Assistant Secretary of State of the USA

“I just had a productive meeting with the Head of The Belizean Defense Forces and the Belize Coast Guard, Admiral Borland and General Jones.  Belize is a strategic partner in the effort to combat all kinds of trafficking (not just drug trafficking) and because there is such an important partner along the transit route of drugs leaving South America, we are looking at how we can cooperate with them and expand our programs of assistance”. 

Having looked at the military aspect of national security, the Secretary outlined his plans for the rest of the visit with regard to security issues.

H.E. Francisco Palmieri: “I am looking forward at meeting with officials at the Foreign Ministry, with the National Security Council team.  I will also be visiting the Adjacency Area; I really want to learn as much as I can about his country and how the United States can continue to play a constructive role with your government with whom we have very excellent relations”.

The Secretary gave an update on the U.S. military’s activity in Belize.

H.E. Francisco Palmieri: “We have a good series of mutual training exercises where both the Belizean Security Forces and our security forces are able to train together, learn lesson together and improve their abilities to operate together.  So, all of those programs are ones that are, I think, constructive in both countries’ interest”.

The Secretary has had an extensive work history in the region with activity in national security and political and military affairs from Dominican Republic to El Salvador, Honduras and Venezuela.

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