American Man is Missing after Kayak Capsizes Near the Reef

vlcsnap-2014-04-30-20h14m41s175A day kayaking in Belize turned life threatening for two Americans and has lead to the missing report of one of them. According police reports on Tuesday, April 29th, at around 12:00 pm Bradley Evans Josker, American national, went kayaking with his friend Wrangler Shane Leesman, also an American national.

According to Josker, upon reaching close to the reef, they noticed the water was getting rough and decided to return. Upon their return a large wave hit them and they capsized. Josker and Leesman, reportedly tried to get back on their kayak for about 10 minutes before another wave hit them causing them to drift apart.

That was the last time that Shane Leesman was reportedly seen.

Reports say Bradley tried to swim to sure, but the strong currents were pulling him back towards the reef. Belize Coast Guard later rescued Bradley from his predicament, however, up to the time of this news cast, Shane Leesman had not been found.

Shane Leesman is of Caucasian decent, is 5 feet eight inches in height, weights about 170 lbs, has a sleeve tattoo on his arm and was last seen wearing only a white swim shorts. Police continue to investigate.

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