American Pedophile attempts to enter Belize

Today another American pedophile is behind bars in the United States after attempting to enter Belize to meet with a 16 year old girl he met online. Troy Anthony Pertuset, 27, of St. Albans, was arrested on March 12 by Belizean authorities while trying to sneak into Belize on a fake Canadian passport to contact a minor he’d been speaking with on the Internet. Pertuset was previously convicted twice as a sex offender after separate incidents with 14 year old girls. He was released March 17, 2014, and began his five-year term of supervised probation. A warrant was issued for his arrest last may when Pertuset quit his job and left his address without re-registering. It appears that before entering Belize to meet with the 16 year old, Pertuset was living in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, teaching English to children at a private academy. Pertuset faces a trial by jury June 23 in Charleston federal court.

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