American Tourist dies on diving tour

An American tourist died while on a diving tour in Placencia. On Monday May 4, police visited the Roberts Grove marina where they saw 64-year-old American touristDavid Reed Rowley,lying motionless on the floor of a boat apparently dead. Rowley was along with a group of twenty two divers and three snorkelers who departed on a diving tour to Silk Caye, North Wall area.  The dive instructor reported that he entered the water along with Rowley who was properly equipped with scuba gears and about 10 minutes into the dive at about 40 feet, he saw Rowley grab one of his legs as if in pain. He reportedly tried to communicate with Rowley and noticed that he was not responding. Rowley was quickly taken onto the boat and given CPR, however, he never responded and was pronounced dead at 1:00 pm. The body was transported to the Southern Regional Hospital where a post mortem is yet to be conducted. Police are investigating.

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