Andrew Tate and Kariq Tzul Get Shot

vlcsnap-2014-02-19-19h31m50s252Police27 year old Andrew Tate of George Street and 25 year old Kariq Tzul of West Street were shot at after 11 Tuesday night. It happened in a yard at the corner of West Canal and King Street.

Our information is that this is the latest indication of brewing gang rivalry between bases on Supal Street and George Street.

A single gunman, slim built, dark skinned and wearing dreads and a white T-shirt walked up King Street from the direction of George Street and opened fire on them when he reached the corner.

Since Tate was hit to both arms, the left side of his abdomen and below the stomach, and both legs, he is listed in a critical condition.

Tzul was hit twice in the left upper leg and has been hospitalized in stable condition. Police have recovered a total of 15 expended shells of two different brands from the scene and have detained one man pending continued investigations

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