Anil Hukmani charged with Social Security Act violations

vlcsnap-2014-08-01-06h04m04s108Businessman Anil Hukmani, aged 45, the owner of Baba’s Trading Center on Dolphin Street, Belize City, has been charged with violations under the Social Security Act. He appeared in court on Thursday, accused of failure to render particulars, specifically Social Security numbers, for each employed person under his management no later than the 14-day period after the end of each of calendar month between January and June of this year. In this same period he is further accused of failing to employ only persons who possess a valid Social Security card indicating that such cards are valid for employment. He pleaded guilty to the charges before Magistrate Dale Cayetano but sentencing has been reserved until August 22, as the Magistrate is not sure of the penalty to be applied and has asked for precedents on penalties for these offenses. Anil Hukmani, according to the prosecutor for the Social Security Board, faces a $100 fine for every day not in compliance.

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