Anke Doehm still not indicted for child cruelty

57 year old Anke Doehm made another appearance in the Supreme Court for June session.  Doehm was charged in the sensational case of the death of her a 16-year-old adopted daughter who  died while in her care in San Pedro. The child was certified as physically and sexually abused via a post mortem. San Pedro police later levied a charge of child cruelty upon the adapted parents, Anke Doehm and her husband, David John Doehm. But in October of 2017, David Doehm committed suicide in a room at the Princess Hotel, leaving his wife behind now to stand trial alone. Doehm, along with her attorney Dickie Bradley, appeared in court today where she is yet to be indicted for the offense of child cruelty.   She appeared before Supreme Court judge, Marilyn Willams where the case was further adjourned to a date yet to be announced.  Anke Doehm is out on Supreme Court bail.

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