Another Belize City home invasion; man injured

Around 2 o’clock on Tuesday afternoon, there was another home invasion in Belize City, this time at a house on Morning Glory Street in the St. Martin’s area of Belize City. According to reports, two men climbed on the verandah of the house and entered through an open door.  One of the men had a knife and approached a 77-year-old resident of the home demanding money and valuables. The 77 year old started to shout at the men and his adult daughter , who was at home at the time, heard and ran to her bedroom and locked it. The men tried to stomp the door down and she warned them that she had called the police. The men then ran off with the elderly man’s phone and a little bit of cash. During the robbery, the 77 year old had struggled a bit with his attackers and received a cut on his hand . When the attackers fled the scene, they left the knife in a bucket of water. Home owners say the police responded quickly to the call for help.

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