Another Belize City man gunned down

The Independence Day weekend did not go by without at least one incident of violence.

According to police there was a fatal shooting incident at the corner of McKay Boulevard and Raleigh Street, Belize City, on September 20.

Police Press Officer Raphael Martinez shares more details.

Raphael Martinez – Press Officer, Police Department

“Just after 7 o’clock on the 20th of September, Police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where they saw the body of 38 years old Glenmore Stephens.

vlcsnap-2014-09-24-06h01m00s53Initial investigations revealed that Stephens was walking along Rally Street in the vicinity of Electric Avenue and McKay Boulevard by the Complex,  when he was approached by a lone culprit who fired several shots at him causing his fatal injuries. Police have since detained a 27 year old male person,  who they believe can assist in this investigation.”





“Is there a motive for this murder?”


Raphael Martinez

“That has not yet been ascertained.”



“Is Stephens known to the police?”


Raphael Martinez

“I am not sure at this point whether he is.”



“Word on the street is that it may be drug related. Are you looking at that angle?”


Raphael Martinez

“I’m not really sure, but the police are investigating several leads to see what they come up with.”

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