Another border crossing by Guatemalan soldiers?

And in more Guatemalan related news, Plusnews received amateur video which purportedly shows Guatemalan military in Belizean territory at the Western Border, hauling off an individual. The circumstances surrounding the incident are unclear but reports to Plusnews are that a Guatemalan money changer was robbed of thousands of dollars some two days ago near the Western border. Now we are not sure if that happened in Guatemala or Belize though reports suggest it happened on the Guatemalan side. Reports are that the Guatemalan military may believe that the man they were taking was somehow connected to that robbery. At this point, we don’t know if the man being taken is Belizean or Guatemalan although it is believed he is most likely Guatemalan. The issue is that witnesses say the Guatemalan soldiers crossed into Belizean territory to retrieve the man. We have been told that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was made aware of the incident and they are following up on it to see if there is anything that needs to be addressed at that level.

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