Another disgruntled PUP takes to social media

An explosive article written by former PUP Standard bearer Collet Montejo that criticizes his party’s leadership is making its rounds in social media since it was published in the Amandala yesterday. The article states that quote, The current leadership of the PUP can see that with names such as Fonseca, Musa and Julius Espat as its voice and face, the people of Belize will not vote PUP anytime soon, and hence, the party is headed for another resounding defeat at the polls and apparent doom.” What he said about Musa and Fonseca is nothing new, as it has been the recurring theme the Party in power uses to lash out at the People’s United Party, siting the, “Millions and Millions” that disappeared during the Musa administration. When it came to Espat here is what Montejo said,  “Then comes “holier than thou” Julius Espat, whose hands are as dirty and whose ways even more sinister than that of the Musa/Fonseca era.” For context, in February 2014, Collet Montejo, a former PUP Senator, stepped down as the PUP Standard Bearer for Cayo Central and endorsed Luke Espat. Subsequently, Luke Espat lost to Daniel Silva at the April 2014 Cayo Central PUP Convention. Today we asked Collet if his fiery remarks had anything to do with his fallout with the PUP’s top brass following Luke Espat’s defeat and the PUP’s decision not to endorse his guy.


Collet Montejo –  Former PUP Senator

“Oh no, no. Far from it. As a matter of fact, I don’t carry sour grapes with me my brother. My thing is always about the small man – poor people  and I don’t think the current administration is doing justice in relations to that. I do believe that the country needs the PUP, as the article clearly indicates, but I also realize that there are elements within the party that has got to understand that when the time ie right, to step aside and allow new blood to take over.”


His article was applauded by members of the UDP administration on social media. So we asked Collet Montejo if this means he is switching sides?


Emmanuel Pech – Plus T.V Reporter

“Sir, some people might say that it is an indication that Mr. Montejo is changing colors.”


Collet Montejo

“Oh no, no. Not what so ever.”


Emmanuel Pech

“What  is your current postion in the People’s United Party right now.”


Collet Montejo

“I am simply a voter. That’s all I am. One that has spoken to a number of people within the division, within the country and realize that they are a lot of people. If you follow the social media, if you get on the social media and follow the leaks that have been posted and the amount of shares that have gone from the very article, you would understand that  I am not alone in this thinking. There are a lot of people who are calling for some serious action within the party and we do realize that that’s what needs to happen. There is still time for it to happen as a matter of fact.”


Emmanuel Pech

” So clearly you are not in favor of the current leadership. Who would you want to see in that leadership position of the People’s United Party.”


Collet Montejo

“I believe that that is something for the people to decide.”


We called Julius Espat for his take on the former PUP Senator’s remarks but he simply told us he will not to get into the back and forth with a “disgruntled PUP” and said that Montejo speaks for himself and not the majority. The PUP maintained however that there will not be a National convention anytime before the next general elections.

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