Another Judgment in the US Court against Belize

At the end of today’s Sitting of the House of Representatives, the media asked the Prime Minister to comment on another litigation in the US where Attorney and Businessman, Glenn Godfrey was successful on Wednesday to obtain a judgment in the US Court against the Government of Belize.

Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow, The Prime Minister of Belize: Then we clearly have to go onto fighting the thing on the merits. Ultimately even if we don’t win and I don’t say that we won’t win then that is a foreign judgement that will have to be in fact reiterated. In Belize it’s not even an arbitration proceeding where there is provision for some sort of automatic collection. Again I’m not sure if Mister Geodfrey was to win, how he would collect on that judgement, except he brings it to Belize and that would start the process all over again and I would not be at all convinced that he would get that favourable result even in terms of the preliminary issue, I’m not convinced that he would get that sort of result here that he got in the US.  vlcsnap-2017-05-15-23h32m33s120



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