Another man reported missing

Another male person has disappeared, this time in the village of Hattieville. 31 year old, Hattieville resident, Alaine Garcia was reported missing by his common law wife Kelline Neal on Thursday 22nd. According to police he was last seen alive at 5 a.m. on Thursday around the Windmill area where he went to drop his wife to catch a bus.

Police Investigator

On Thursday the 22nd of February a female Kelly Neal of a Hattieville address reported that her common law husband Alaine Jenson Garcia 35 year old Belizean of that same address has been missing since that Thursday at about 5 ‘o clock in the morning. He is about 6 feet 5 inches in height dark complexion almost medium build person with a low hair cut we know that he had left and was seen using a long sports pants and a black and white in color sleeveless polo shirt and a black tennis. The last area that he was seen was in the Windmill area where, walking, he had left his wife at the junction for her to come to Belize City to do her daily routine and that was the last time that he was seen alive. At this moment we are asking for the public support. If they know anything if they can assist us. I know that police has been at that location from since the report was given in the entire area checking to see if they could find anything in regards to the missing person Mr. Garcia.

Police are asking for public assistance if anyone has any information.

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