Another missing Roaring Creek man found gruesomely murdered

Another Roaring Creek Man was reported missing on Monday and today, his body turned up in much the same way as Edilberto Medina’s body turned up yesterday.  This latest victim of the violence plaguing Roaring Creek village is Steve Hyde also known as “Deeds”. His body was discovered in a shallow grave in Russell Hyde’s farm around 3 pm earlier today. As we told you yesterday, yesterday’s victim, Medina, was a close associate of Russel Hyde and today’s victim is Russel Hyde’s cousin. Russel Hyde’s common law wife was killed last week in a shooting incident at Guanacaste Park junction while she was in the family vehicle.  According to family members, this latest victim, Steve Hyde A.K.A Deeds, was last seen on Monday May 25, 2015 in Roaring Creek Village. He left his home saying he was enroute to Russell Hyde’s house but he was never seen or heard from again. After the discovery of Edilberto’s body yesterday, the Hyde family was fearful that the same fate awaited their loved one. And even though the family expected the worst  nothing could prepare them for what came next.


Tamara Castillo  – Niece of deceasedvlcsnap-2015-05-28-12h52m44s57

“We found out this morning after police came by and told us that Steven Hyde was missing. We went to the police station to make a report and while making that report, we got the sad news that they found my uncle dead.  My uncle was not a saint. He was associated with the law at times.  Recently, he got out iver a year now and was trying to change his life. They found the body cut up and they found him in cut up and already buried.  It was similar to the pass guy that died. words can’t really explain the way we are feeling right now but we wont hold anything against anyone because that is not our place.  We leave eeverything in God’s hands, at The end of the day, God knows why everything happens..


The body was taken to an area to conduct an onsite postmortem. The family awaits the conclusion of the postmortem to bury him immediately.

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