Another prison marijuana smuggling scheme defeated

Just before Christmas we told you of the court sparing an individual who claims he did not know he was smuggling marijuana into the Central Prison at Hattieville at the bottom of a Gillette deodorant.

There was no such mercy on Monday for 18 year old Raheem Myles, whose scheme to smuggle cannabis into the prison was defeated.

On Friday, January 2, Raheem Myles visited the prison with three apples. They were cut open and a total of 46 grams of cannabis was found inside the core. One of the apples carried 10 parcels amounting to 16 grams; the second had eight parcels amounting to 12 grams and the last had 13 parcels for a total of 18 grams. The sticker on each apple was removed and a hole was made into which the cannabis was slipped, after which the sticker was placed back to cover the hole.

That was the giveaway and Raheem Myles will spend six months in prison, after pleading guilty to possession of a controlled drug. He had expected a fine, but Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer said she had decided he would be better off sent to the place where he tried to smuggle the weed to join whoever it was he was taking it to.

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