Another private land sold by Lands Department

The Lands Department, also known as the “Hot Bed of Corruption” , as so eloquently described by Belize’s Prime Minister, is once again in the news tonight.   Derick Garcia; a Belizean citizen who currently resides in Grand Cayman,  approached the media today in disbelief of the injustice he says the Lands Department has served him. According to Garcia, he is employed with an electric company in Grand Cayman Island for some years and would only visit Belize 2 weeks per year due to work obligations. During his recent visit, he visited the Lands Department in Belmopan and was told that the land he owns was sold and transferred to someone else.

   Derick Garcia

On December 24th 2015 I was accompanied by a friend Mr. Rene Pennell who went in with me to the lands department. I paid for a copy of the land title that I had misplaced .Mr. Pennell went with me because I was going to authorize him ,I had authorized him to pick up those land titles on my behalf because I would have not been in the country . That was done I provided lands department with the cash with the payment and I have receipts for those land titles and also an authorization letter with copies of my Social Security and Mr. Pennell’s drives license, unfortunately Mr. Pennell kept on checking at the land’s department ant they kept on telling him that the titles haven’t been approved haven’t been signed off as yet he made 6 attempts in checking the lands department over a period of 5 months to no avail. He then contacted me and said Derick I give up perhaps on your next trip to Belize you should go in that time did not come until today. I went into the office and I presented my receipts to them to one sales person at the front desk presented her the receipts and she informed me that those land titles are no longer in my name.

Garcia was then directed to the acting registrar of the Lands Department who presented him with all the documents of transfer as well as documents prior to the transfer.

Derick Garcia

She presented to me all the documents relating to the transfer and prior to the transfer we looked over signatures to see which signatures where authenticated and which were not. She provided me with copies of the transferee of land document which had signature of both the transferee and transferee the signature on the transferee does not match my signature the date which the transfer of the land was done dated the 25th of May 2016 I was not in Belize I can confirm I was working in the Cayman Islands at that specific dat and time. I have informed the lands department that this is incorrect and it needs to be resolved immediately.

These lands are on the north side of San Pedro and they hold a value of $75,000 dollars collectively.


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