Another protest concerning San Martin Primary School

There was another rally or protest at San Martin School on Friday led by BelizeCan President Patrick Menzies.

Mr Menzies called for a shutdown of the school on Friday, because of what he calls aseries of “Anomalies” in the case of the sodomy of a five year old.

If you recall, medical examinations concluded that the child was not penetrated, but the child’s mother and some supporters do not believe the medical results. A protest was held at the school a few weeks ago and another one was held on Friday morning.

Patrick Menzies says that the parents and community lack confidence in the work being done by the Police Department representatives in charge of the case.


vlcsnap-2014-10-18-10h10m21s3vlcsnap-2014-10-18-09h49m07s101Patrick Menzies – Belize Can

“We want this school to be a safe place.  We believe in education.  That’s why we’re here.  Even the teacher from Infant 1 from San Martin Government School said that she would not sent her kids to the school under these circumstances.

She came to us appealing that we send the kids to school, and then she leaves and says. ‘I wouldn’t send my kids to the school either.’  Even the teacher!

So, if anybody is listening, if anybody’s paying attention, it doesn’t take rocket science. You don’t need an education to realize, the Police can’t say that according to the medical report there was penetration, and then again according to the medical report there was no penetration. Are there two medical reports?”


Via  a press release, Patrick Menzies listed seven requests including: Proper treatment (Medical and otherwise) of Victim , the replacement of the principal of the school, expulsion of the alleged perpetrator, and the temporary closing of the school until this situation is resolved and incompetent  administration changed.

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