Another Roaring Creek Youth killed

Another youth has lost his life to the gun violence that has been plaguing the village of Roaring Creek in recent months. Since the beginning of 2015,  there have been three fatal shooting incidents, one non fatal shooting incident, and one fatal stabbing, bringing the number of murders recorded in Roaring creek to four; that’s almost one murder every month. Police have since intensified their presence in the community, but despite their best efforts to curb the situation in the village, on Friday May 8th Belmopan police responded to another bloody scene where another Roaring Creek Youth was found dead with multiple gunshot injuries. Emanuel Pech has the details.

Manelva Baisa – Mother of Glasford Thomasvlcsnap-2015-05-12-10h04m07s11
“Well I nuh know what’s going on with this village right now, like we get corrupted. I nuh see how they nuh find the person who di kill up one another da Roaring Creek right now.
I get a call saying mek I come up now caz it look like they kill mi son. So immediately  I came back home and I meet the police right front deh and they meet mi. They seh ,”Mrs. Menelva,’ and I said” tell they fu tell me now.” So they tell me they found a body and pan the left chest it gat wah name mark Manelva, so I tell them that da my son.”


Supt. Howell Gillett – O.C Belmopan
“He was seen with multiple gunshot wounds to the upper part of the body. The body was later transported to the Western Regional Hospital Morgue. So far we are pursuing a number of motives, there is no clear motive at this point so we appeal on the public to kindly pass on any information that would lead to an arrest or arrest of the person or persons who may be responsible for this crime.

Emanuel Pech – Plus T.V Reporter

“Sir, is this person known to police? We understand that he had run-ins with the law recently.”
Supt. Howell Gillett

“Yes  he is  known to us but I wouldn’t want to delve  deeper than to say he is known to police.”

Emanuel Pech

“At this point, does the police have any leads?  I know that you don’t have anybody in custody but is there any leads?”

Supt. Howell Gillett

“Well I have alluded earlier that there are several motives. The investigation is wide and we will narrow down.and do our interviews and other techniques that we will employ to try bring this case to a closure.”
Manelva Baisavlcsnap-2015-05-12-12h26m06s230
“He has some guys weh he seh da his friends weh mi use to heng out, they mi done threaten ah and thing, like wah lee gang thing then and he mi di try stray away and then he gaan back da they same crowd and same one who he heng with kill ah. My son was really close to me, he was a person who didn’t talk the most, he would be right there and nuh seh nothing but sometimes he’d run a lee joke like touch yoh hand and come and pinch yoh, something like that, so that da what I a miss a fah.”

 According to police, Glasford Thomas was last seen leaving his home on a bicycle on Thursday night. Up to news time tonight, police had not been able to locate his bicycle. The body of Glasford has since been taken to the San Ignacio Hospital morgue awaiting a postmortem. 16 year old Glasford Thomas was the youngest of three children.



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