Another taxi man found dead; this time on San Pedro

San Pedro Police have confirmed the murder of a Belizean Taxi Driver 42 year old Jose Rigoberto Beltran who was found dead inside his vehicle sometime around 10 am on Tuesday April 28th in the San Juan area, San Pedro Town. Beltran was a member of the San Pedro Airstrip Taxi Union. Police have since detained one person for the incident and are looking for 2 others. Officer Commanding san Pedro Police formation Superintendent Edward Broaster gave us more details.

Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster – OC, San Pedro Policevlcsnap-2015-04-30-09h26m54s122
“We got a report that there was a shooting in the San Juan area where they found the van and the victim inside the van with a gunshot womb to the head. Our preliminary investigations reveal that the suspect fled in a boat. So far, we had ceased the boat. We have captured one of the main suspects and are looking for two others – possibly three other individuals who had participated in this recent murder.”

Emmanuel Pech – Plus T.V Journalist
“Sir, are thes individuals, the suspects, are they known to police.”
Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster
“Yes they are known to police. Our preliminary investigations is indicating that the suspect may have wanted to use … to commit another crime.”

According to police, the deceased 42 year old Jose Beltran was a law abiding citizen and a hard worker. The community of San Pedro is in a state of shock after the senseless murder of an innocent men.

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