Another teen gunned down in Belize City

Another teenager was shot and killed in Belize City on Monday night.  Reports are that shots rang out on Curl Thompson Street in the Jane Usher area of Belize City and when it subsided, 18-year-old Ludwin Kivany Lalin laid on the ground dead.  Lalin was shot to the head sometime around 6:12 p.m. on Monday night. His cousin was asked if Ludwin had given any indication that he was afraid for his life.

Cousin of Ludwin Kivan Lalin: Two months ago we had a conversation and yes the topic came up but to say that he called names, no. He just said that he can’t ride certain places because he has problems with people and it happened that out of one of the days that he never goes to buy at the shop, that he went. I could never get he to go buy there, he would prefer take a half an hour or an hour to go buy somewhere else than go right there. Maybe if he was doing somebody something I would have vlcsnap-2017-05-09-21h04m48s060understand, but at the shop buying? Like serious.

According to the family, when the media was speaking to them some 12 hours after the murder occurred, they had still not heard anything from police.

Cousin of Ludwin Kivan Lalin: Well no police come da we house to come ask us things or give us a statement so we could know if they are doing a ongoing investigation or not. We still are in suspense if we’ll get justice or not, a life just gaan. Da like you the kill a dog, no justice.  

The young woman expressed that she will truly miss Ludwin and feels his loss greatly.

Cousin of Ludwin Kivan Lalin: Da usually he da my company. Da he fi me and me fi he. It just hard. When I cook da me and he, when we eat da me and he, when we laugh da me and he. I just a miss he because it won’t be the same.

Police have not indicated if they have any leads in this latest murder as their investigation continues. .vlcsnap-2017-05-09-21h11m56s356 vlcsnap-2017-05-09-21h03m26s222

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