Another Unsolved Police Case

IMG_1576Another recent crime that Police needs help on is the recent home invasion against foreign nationals in the village of Boston on the Old Northern Highway. On Sunday three armed masked men stormed the house and held its seven occupants hostage, sexually assaulting at least one person and pistol-whipping the men before making off with various valuables. ACP Miguel Segura updated the press today on the investigation.

vlcsnap-2013-02-08-19h05m10s141The investigation is still underway. What we know for a fact, the investigators are following are following some leads in respect to the items. So they’re still under investigation. At this moment in time, like I said, the investigation is underway, and no suspect detained so far, but we’re still looking about possible leads.

ACP Segura says that police are being very careful in their investigation and they want to see justice done.

So far, like I said, I could confirm that we interviewed all the victims.  We are following the leads itself, the items that were stolen from them, because in any investigation you follow the [principle], either you lead something at the scene, or take away something from the scene.  Identity here is an issue, but the investigation is still going. As an Officer, just like those investigating there on the ground, I’m following it because we want to see a closure on these types of crimes.

He also clarified the sudden end to the weekly police briefings which were started last June, saying that ‘a directive’ had been issued to discontinue the practice and that the media would be briefed in special circumstances, while the department continues the daily police blotter.

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