Another win for UDP in Belmopan

Today, the United Democratic Party is celebrating what they call an expected win in the City of Belmopan. The Capital City has been under the administration of the United Democratic Party since Mayor Simeon Lopez’s win in 2006. Mayor Lopez served three terms under the UDP before handing the reins over to Khalid Belisle who won for the UDP in 2015. Not much has changed since Mayor Khalid Belisle and his full UDP slate were re-elected into the Belmopan City council yesterday for a second term. Plus News caught up with Mayor Khalid Belisle and Minister John Saldivar when they broke the news of their victory in Belmopan.

Hon. John Saldivar, Area Rep. Bmp: Well from all the boxes that have been counted we believe we have an insurmountable lead so for. Now it’s just about what the margin is going to be. We don’t think they can catch up to up anymore that’s why we have basically come out here and declared victory . Hard work delivering for the people of Belmopan,. It’s a good feeling to know that people recognize good work and that’s what it’s all about. I guess people have been craving a government and a City Council that delivers and we have delivered for Belmopan and I think that has shown, so it’s a credit to the people of Belmopan that they have gone for a city council that has delivered.

Khalid Belisle, Mayor of Belmopan: Thank you. Seem like we are on our way to another win here for the UDP in the great Garden City of Belmopan on this night. Certainly and foremost I want to thank God the Father Almighty for having seen us through another campaign season here in Belmopan and no blood shed as far as I know, which is how it should be . Definitely have to extend congratulations assuming that the results go the way they seem to be going to Mayoral Candidate Ms. Tanya Santos and Mr. Neal and Mr. Charles Leslie as well as their slates and Mr. Richard Smith for a race very well won and worthy of Belmopan. Just extremely humbled once more by the people of this city tried to do my best for the past few years putting the work as best as we could and to see that Belmopan continues to reward workers and it is an 

extremely gratifying feeling and so I am now and forever eternally grateful to the city for having putting their trust in me and our team once again.

PUP Mayoral candidate Tanya Santos and her PUP slate fought a good fight in Belmopan. Santos was able to garner two thousand three hundred and fifty five (2355) votes. Independent councilor candidate Richard Smith, for the Christian Pursuing Reform, did not win any seats, however he was able to amass more votes than all the other third party candidates in Belmopan, with two hundred and ninety two (292) votes.

Richard Smith, Mayoral Candidate, Independent: I don’t have a full slate. I am running as an independent candidate and I been on the ground working. Belmopan people know me. I am a residence from since 1978 and I stay active and win, lose or draw will work for the City of Belmopan, but if elected, I will be a voice for the people. I guarantee I will not hide under anybody’s color, I will not cut corners for any color, I will push for the development of Belmopan and I 

think the time is now as citizens of Belmopan, the people of Belmopan to look at this time to build. It is time to rebuild the city of Belmopan as the nation’s Capital. We have to get rid of the old capital and start to build the new Capital. I am ready to work. Everybody knows me as a worker, so the amount of people that know me, it should be a home run for me, but if it is not a home run I am still at home still working. I love Belmopan.

BPP Mayoral Candidate  Charles Leslie received the lowest amount of votes of all candidates who ran in Belmopan. He received ninety eight (98) votes. Ultimately Mayor Khalid Belisle, took the victory with a total of three thousand two hundred and ninety eight (3298) votes; a decisive victory over his opponents.

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