Anthony Sabido acquitted of murder

vlcsnap-2013-06-18-18h23m43s3328 year old Anthony Sabido spent five years on remand for a murder case but tonight he is a free man. Sabido was today acquitted of the January 15, 2008 murder of 31-year-old Norman Reyes, also known as “Mimi”. The 31 year old victim was fatally shot once to the neck. Sabido has been on remand since January 2008 but his freedom came this morning after a no case submission was upheld by Judge Troadio Gonzalez. The judge said that there was no evidence to properly convict the accused based on grave discrepancies and inconsistencies in the statement of the main witness who is now deceased.  That’s because the main witness, now deceased Dennis Nembhard, had given a statement in which he told police that he saw the shooting from a particular location.  In his no case submission to the court, Defense attorney Anthony Sylvester submitted to the court that from the visit to the locus, it is clear that Nembhard could not have seem Reyes and the accused when he committed the murder because Geographically it was impossible for him to see anything from where he claimed he stood.   The judge himself in his ruling today said that when he visited the locus he just could not materialize how Nembhard could have seen what he told police given the location of his house and where he claimed he saw the decease fell.    Norman Reyes who lived at a long barracks on Moya Street was inside his apartment when he was shot once.  He managed to run out and fell at the corner of Berry and Moya Street where he died.

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