Anthony Sylvestre named Queen’s Square Standard Bearer

Senator and legal adviser for the People’s United Party, Anthony Sylvestre, is challenging Prime Minister Dean Barrow in his stronghold of Queen’s Square for the third time. He was endorsed on Saturday during the launch of the Manifesto.

Anthony Sylvestre has twice lost by heavy margins, but he tells us that things will be different this time because he plans to highlight a major imbalance between the representative and his constituents.

.vlcsnap-2015-02-10-09h59m50s56Anthony Sylvestre – Senator and Legal Advisor for the PUP

“One of the certain points in terms of representation of the people is that every single person counts, and so that the situation in Queen Square [that] has evolved over the years, where it is quite clear particularly those who physically live in the division that the current Area Representative clearly has no regard for them, and is not properly representing them.

 So that for me the starting pace obviously has to be those who have been neglected, those whose interest have been cast aside in the 30 years in which the current representative has been there. Over this period of time, opportunities and doors have opened up for him, and during that period of time he has indeed become a very successful and wealthy individual.

 The contrast starts with the situation of the people. We have for instance on Amara Avenue and on Neil’s Pen Road, where we have three houses cramped in one area.  This is the way he has basically reciprocated clearly the support that the people have given him for all these years.

For me, at least,  the starting point has to be in terms of reaching out those people and taking the message, and in particularly zeroing in on the neglect and in particular, in my respectful view, the gross abuse of power that has actually been seen and manifested under his leadership of the country as Prime Minister.”


Dean Barrow is seeking a seventh consecutive term as Queen’s Square Area Representative.

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