Article by Audrey Matura Shepherd lands her in UNIBAM Lawyer’s crosshairs

All over the world, Christians and those who support traditional marriage are being harassed, intimidated, fired, sued, fined, and even imprisoned for their personal beliefs. With the legalization of homosexuality come anti-discriminatory laws which equate biblical teaching on homosexuality as ‘hate speech”. Belize is just at the beginning of a long battle to keep its sodomy laws on the books. While the country still awaits the Chief Justice’s decision scheduled for July, the name calling, intimidation, and accusations against vlcsnap-2013-05-24-20h31m40s222proponents of the law have intensified.  In this weekend’s edition of the Amandala newspaper, columnist Audrey Matura Shepherd shared her own personal experience with the persecution coming from those pushing the homosexual agenda in Belize. Matura is Belize’s representative for Oceana International and gay activists are apparently trying to get Matura fired from Oceana because of her personal views on the homosexual issue.  In the article Matura says, ” I don’t think any right thinking Belizean has ever thought that when I write my weekly column I do so as a voice for Oceana in Belize which is affiliated to Oceana Inc. internationally, but today I find myself having to make that clarification because as my learned colleague Lisa Shoman asked on facebook, if my position(on homosexuality) is the position of the principals of Oceana?” Matura says that a person by the name of Kenrick Raymark Theus Diaz sent a note to her CEO in Washington DC about her saying that Matura’s comments on homosexuality are “crude and really not what Oceana wants to have as their platform in any foreign country.” Matura has written on various social issues from her own personal experience but since she has touched the issue of homosexuality, she says “Now, based on this experience I am going through, I could foresee there will come a day when, worse than politics, no one in this country will be tolerated to express a contrary view on public moral issues, especially gay issues.”  Matura also said that homophobia is being denounced, but Cristophobia [a phobia for God) -her own word- is being pronounced and accepted. For more examples of  cases of sexual orientation trumping religious freedoms worldwide, you can go to to read the article,Sexual Orientation trumping Religious Freedom; a worldwide chronicle.”

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