APAMO comments on recent Rosewood amnesty

APAMOThe Rosewood Saga continues, as today, the Association of Protected Area Management Organizations (APAMO), the leading network of non-governmental conservation organizations, voiced its objection to and disappointment with the decision by the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development to implement an amnesty period; which is now allowing for the exportation of illegally harvested Rosewood. In a press release issued today, the organization expressed “While we were in full support of the moratorium declared one year ago and supported the destruction of confiscated Rosewood, APAMO strongly disagrees with the Ministry’s recent decision that will allow the illegal loggers and private sector companies to profit from the Rosewood in their possession.” APAMO goes on to suggest, “Since any logs confiscated by the Forest Department become the property of the Government of Belize any sale of it by the Government should have been undertaken in a transparent manner, and the intent of sale should have been publicly declared through an open bidding process. The revenues generated from the sale of the material could then be directed to the necessary stock assessments of these trees.” The organization further calls on the Ministry to reconsider its position in moving forward with the management of Rosewood.

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