Apartment in Belmopan gutted by fire

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A fire in the San Martin Area of Belmopan gutted a single bedroom apartment on Monday morning. The fire started on the upper flat of this two story building that is surrounded by an intricate web of houses.

One eye witness reports that at around 11:40, upon going to bathe, she saw smoke coming through the zinc roof of the upper building, belonging to 46 year old Eva Sanec.

vlcsnap-2015-02-17-06h37m03s22446 year old Eva Sanec and her husband were not at home, and their son who lives with them in the apartment is believed to have been playing outside when the fire started.

Family, neighbours and friends who were there at the time, laboured to put out the flames as soon as they realized the house was on fire, but by that time it was already out of their control. The authorities were immediately alerted and due to their quick response time the flames were brought under control before it could spread to the adjoining buildings.




[Translated]  “We saw that it was catching fire, but we couldn’t do anything about it.  It was already difficult to get inside the apartment.  The flames consumed everything.  Everything was burnt, and we couldn’t save anything.

This is an apartment just for sleeping, no appliances, only a television, but I don’t think the television could have caught fire.  Up until now, we still don’t know what happened.  If there was an electrical shortage, or someone put the house on fire, I wouldn’t be able to tell you.  It’s something difficult to explain how it caught fire. 

There was no one here at the time.  It was closed.


Authorities from the fire department are still investigating the cause of the fire, however authorities are more inclined to believe that someone set the house on fire, rather than an electrical shortage.

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