Apparent drunken uniformed police officer caught on video

A video of a police officer, apparently taken at a taco stand somewhere in the country, was posted to face book. The video shows what appears to be a heavily intoxicated and uniformed officer, lying on the cement street with his hat and handcuff beside him on the ground. When police were asked to comment on the matter, they said that they don’t have the proper information as to what may have caused the officer to be on the ground, whether medical , sickness or some substance abuse. The Officer has been identified as PC 1319 Florencio Rash, attached to Precinct 1 in Belize City.  The Commissioner of police has directed that the matter be fully investigated and appropriate disciplinary action taken against the officer. He also warned that police officers must respect their uniform at all time and are expected to display the highest level of professionalism especially when in uniform and in public so as not to cause any unnecessary negative attention to the department.vlcsnap-00333 vlcsnap-00335 vlcsnap-00337

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