Apparent Suicide in Belize City

vlcsnap-2014-05-28-18h39m01s139A Belize City man apparently killed himself by hanging over the weekend. Police have released no details but 57 year old Maurice Tingling, a.k.a. “Pappy Bal“, named among to residents of the Majestic/Pinks Alley area, and alarm rose when he was not seen around after Friday night.

One person we spoke to off-camera says they made a shocking discovery on Sunday night.

Testimony of Witness 

“Wih dih smel it.  I jos dih pas tru, you nuoa!  I dih pas and deh seh dat sonding smel bad, I sed, da wat?  An wen I gaan by dih dor, I seh, daa ded, an wen unuh sih dih man dehn seh, ah polis pas afuh da yong gial and she tel wih mos mek wih chec and she da polis.  Wa nex polis veecle cohn tuh!  And she tel me mek we pleez nac dong dih dor, yeea.  Man dih lay dong so and e stretch.  E head deh eena e rope stil yet”.

vlcsnap-2014-05-28-18h39m46s117Tingling lived alone although he has family members in the U.S. Residents were still trying to understand what caused him to apparently take his own life.

“Bway, dih man luk bad, e don staat tu decompuos areadi.  Dih man hed deh eena dih rope an e dih eat weh e nec.  E fluid don statt to com out areadi. 

Reporter:  “Definitely, that is suicide…”.

Testimony of Witness :  “Yeah.  Dih dor had ahn boad chac behain the dor, so shud insai anybadi wahn go in, caa da wa prablem fu shub di dor”.

Reporter:  “So, you couldn’t go inside just like that?”

Testimony of Witness :  “No, becaa di dor lac fa insaid dih padlac.

Reporter:  “So, you don’t think it was foul play?”

Testimony of Witness :  “No, daa no faol play”.

Testimony of Witness :  “Fan dih taim we cansaan bou dis man deh eenya an nobaddi sih dih man an you smel dat, yu know?”

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