Appeal for Mek Mi Rich case

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The man who won a case against BTL for stealing his ideas for the Mek Mi Rich game show, is appealing his award of damages. Back in February of 2016, Curtis Swasey was awarded $25,000, after he won the case against BTL and the owners of Mek Mi Rich, Andre Vega and Sanjay Hotchandani.vlcsnap-00025  BTL filed an appeal in the case, saying that they did not give Swasey’s ideas to the owners of the show. In response, Swasey filed a cross-appeal asking for even more in damages.  On Thursday, case management in the case was held at the Court of Appeal. Karim Musa is the attorney for Kurtis Swasey.

Kareem Musa, Attorney for Curtis Swasey: There are actually three appeals which have been consolidated before the court of appeal. The first of course comes from my client, Mr. Curtis Swasey, who feels like the damages that were awarded to him of twenty-five thousand dollars were not sufficient and therefore he is appealing the quantum and it is hoped that at the Court Of Appeal level, he will get a higher award in damages for the breach of confidence, because as you would recall this was an instance where B.T.L. and the allegation is by Mr. Swasey that B.T.L. and MMR Belize limited partnered together to use his ideas and in fact breeched his confidence. So, this is a claim that stems from that, interestingly enough though MMR Belize limited who my client was accusing of using his idea has not appealed so it is questionable why B.T.L. even followed through with this appeal in the first place but I think it has to do with the fact that they are the ones who ended up having to pay the twenty-five thousand dollars.

Reporter: Aren’t you rolling the dice since it could go either way? It could be that your client gets a higher damage award, but the court could also rule against him and throw out the decision of the Supreme Court.vlcsnap-00026

Kareem Musa, Attorney for Curtis Swasey: Well the ways that appeals work Daniel is that they would have appealed in any event so there’s no rolling of any dice. So even if Mister Swasey did not appeal on the quantum, BTL would never the less would have appealed the matter so it would have ended up here in any event. So it’s a good time for the court of appeal to reconsider the judge’s decision and to look at all his – what weighed on his mind when coming to his decision.

Reporter: But is it a consideration that you all have made that the court could overturn the decision of the Supreme Court?

Kareem Musa, Attorney for Curtis Swasey: Anything can happen on the court of appeal, even to the CCJ that we have seen with many cases that have gone to the higher course so there’s always a possibility; that is litigation and there is a risk in litigation at all times.

The appeal hearing will be held the next sitting of the Court of Appeal in October.

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